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Moorcroft Pottery leads the world of art pottery with its own distinctive design style. With added value coming from the skills and craftsmanship of a dedicated workforce, Moorcroft is selling more of its magnificent ware all over the world today than it did even in its previous heyday in the mid-1920's

Exclusive to Clifton Ceramics & Fine Jewellery

'Balloon Fiesta' designed by Emma Bossons FRSA

Designed and built in 1836 by a young engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this 702-foot-long, 250-foot-high Clifton Suspension Bridge gracefully spans the Avon Gorge between Clifton and Leigh Woods. Fantastically, as the summer draws to a sleepy close, the bridge is quite literally engulfed in a myriad of colours as hot air balloons rise above the Bridge in the Balloon Fiesta.

For 2023. one of Bristol’s most iconic sights since the 19th century has now been captured by Emma in her own Balloon Fiesta with balloons captured ascending at differing heights from Ashton court. Curves and the vibrant colours from the setting sun combine with the a vast array of patchwork canopies, the deep blues of the River Avon, rolling hills and even Brunel’s suspension bridge, taking 33 years to complete, holds arches and line work that mimics those on the balloons themselves. Hanging in their dangling straw baskets, silhouettes of passengers mark them out as only witnesses to this colourful extravaganza. Joyfully, the Mexican word Fiesta is captured on this jubilant, peaceful and uplifting celebration of Bristol in the Applied Arts.

Each purchase includes a comlimentary watercolour by Emma

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSA
Shape: 3/8
Edition: Limited Edition of 10
Price: £1,320.00

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Exclusive to Clifton Ceramics & Fine Jewellery

Journey on the Avon

Today, gently swaying in the waters of the ‘Floating Harbour’ of Bristol, and lovingly cared for by a team of dedicated volunteers, resides The Matthew - a full size replica of John Cabot’s ship which charted North America in 1497. She retraced the famous journey of her namesake in 1997 for the 500th anniversary of the voyage carrying the same number of crew and taking the same amount of time to reach Newfoundland.

A thrilling insight into The Matthew’s structure is brought to us by Kerry Goodwin who has painted the ship as it approaches the Avon Gorge and world-famous Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Kerry has carefully maintained the impressive grandeur of the ship with its intricate sails, towering masts and complex rigging. Overhead, the annual Clifton hot air balloon festival is in full flight, silently floating about The Matthew as it gracefully cuts through the River Avon.

Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Shape: 393/10
Edition: Limited Edition of 10
Sold Out: Trial Piece Available
Price: £850.00

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